About us

English for Business Executives was founded as a response to the lack of training programs geared towards Legal English and Financial English needs of Spanish and international companies. We focus on TOLES exam prep, Legal English for lawyers, law students and translators and Financial English for professionals in the Financial Services industry. We are an official test preparation and examination center for TOLES.

Our methodology

We follow the TBT - Task Based Teaching methodology. This focuses on the use of authentic language and on asking students to do meaningful tasks using the target language. This involves the development of a natural context from the students' experiences with language that is personalized and relevant to them. Some of the advantages to this approach vs. traditional teaching approaches are:

  • The activity reflects real life and learners focus on meaning
  • Students are exposed to a whole range of lexical phrases, collocations and patterns as well as language forms
  • It is a strong communicative approach where students spend a lot of time communicating
  • It is enjoyable and motivating - What's learning English without some fun, huh?

About RHEA, Founder & Trainer

Rhea Rhea is a business professional with 4 years of experience in the banking sector with global companies like JPMorgan. She has worked on Merger & Acquisition (M&A) strategies for Fortune 500 companies. An avid reader and follower of the stock markets, she has also been managing client portfolios for High Net Worth Individuals. Bubbly and enthusiastic by nature, she is a voracious reader and can easily converse with you on a broad range of topics from wars in Syria to the latest buzzword - Block-chain technology.

She has an International MBA, a Masters in Corporate Finance and a BSc in Business and Accounting. She has been working in Madrid as a Corporate Trainer for Banks and other Financial & Government institutions for almost 3 years now. English for Business Executives is the second business project that she has created and is currently leading.

We offer courses for business professionals that want to focus on Legal English or Financial English. We also offer TOLES prep classes and Business English classes focused on areas like presentations, emails, conference calls etc.

Our courses are planned with the client's needs in mind. We do a detailed needs analysis so that our clients can get maximum benefit and language acquisition in line with their goals.

Our clients are lawyers, law students, CFO's, banks, accounting firms and other business professionals.

Currently, we are focused on TOLES exam prep, Legal English, Financial English and courses for presenatations, emails and conference calls. However in the future we plan to focus on other courses like English for Entrepeneurs and English for Aviation.

Our skills

We bring many years of cumulative professional and teaching experience. Our teachers come from varied professional backgrounds like banking, law, investment, marketing, among others.

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